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Kraftco Aquatics Live on Arrival Guarantee

Kraftco Aquatics guarantees that when the fish arrive at the destination and the box is opened, the fish will be alive in the bags. Kraftco Aquatics will not guarantee fish once the bags have been opened and the fish are exposed to your water. We ALWAYS recommend using a quarantine tank for any new fish from any supplier! Kraftco Aquatics does quarantine and medicate all new arrivals for at least 10 days prior to being sold.

Kraftco Aquatics Dead on Arrival Policy

  • In the event that a fish arrives to you Dead on Arrival (DOA), please send us PHOTOS and/or VIDEO of the DOA fish in the original shipping bag within 2 HOURS of delivery.

  • DOA fish must be in the original shipping bag - unopened, and sealed to be eligible for credit.

  • You may submit DOA claims via email –, messenger on Facebook @KraftcoAquatics, or you may give us a call at (501) 666-5471 to notify us prior to sending photos or video.

  • 2-Day shipping is available for smaller fish (<4”) but will not be covered by our DOA policy. If the buyer request 2-day shipping, the buyer is accepting all liability for the shipment.

  • In the event that a shipment is delayed, lost, or destroyed due to the carrier service used to ship your purchase, Kraftco Aquatics will be responsible for 50% of the loss unless the carrier honors a claim in which they take fault for the package.

  • Shipping is NOT covered in the event of loss and will not be refunded.

We always strive to make sure all of our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases even beyond the sale. If you ever feel there is an issue, or if you have a question, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of us!

Shipping FAQ

Kraftco Aquatics is excited to now offer $49.99 flat rate overnight shipping for up to 3 fish!  Shipments of 4 or more fish now ship for 69.99$ flat rate overnight unless rates are cheaper in which case we will issue a refund for the overage.  We have worked very diligently with UPS & FedEx to obtain cheaper rates in order for our shipments to arrive safely, and timely to their destinations at a more reasonable price.

Prior to shipment, all fish are isolated and moved to quarantine tanks.  This allows us to fast every outbound fish for 48 hours prior to shipment in order to limit the amount of waste in the shipping bag.  This also allows us to oversee the fish better to ensure you receive a healthy, happy fish!  

Unpacking Kraftco Aquatics Fish

Float the bags (unopened) in you aquarium for a minimum of 15 minutes or until the temperature in the bag is equivalent to your aquarium water. After acclimating the temperature, open the bag and pour the fish/water through a net into a bucket or over a sink. DO NOT put the water from the shipping bag into your aquarium. Place the fish in a quarantine tank for approximately 7 to 10 days. Fish that have been shipped are stressed and weak; do not put them into your show tank or established aquarium with larger or more aggressive fish.


New fish may not eat right away upon arrival, be patient! Shipping and being in a new environment can be very stressful and the fish need time to acclimate and adjust to their new surroundings. We feed several New Life Spectrum formulas as well as Extreme. Fish may need some time to adjust to your specific food... if all else fails, a frozen food may spark their appetite!

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