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Rift Lake Cichlid Probiotic Salt is an additive used to replicate the water chemistry found in the African Rift Lakes. These simulated water conditions help create ideal conditions for successful breeding of Rift Lake cichlids. This salt has added probiotics to promote water quality and aquarium health. 

This rift lake salt is a blend of salts containing natural trace elements found in the cichlid's wild habitat. The added probiotics help increase the variety and amount of beneficial bacteria (helps to reduce nitrates and phosphates naturally). This product will raise the GH (General Hardness) level in your aquarium

Fritz Rift Lake Cichlid Salt - 1.25lb

SKU: 8053184910
  • 84910

  • Dosages for usage per 10 gallons (Dose Based on RO and/or DI Water):

    Tanganyika: Use 1.5 tsp (11 g)
    Malawi: Use 3/4 tsp (5.5 g)
    Victoria: Use 1/2 tsp (3.6 g)

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